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Now you can pursue a healthy lifestyle and get that hearty lunchmeat satisfaction you crave. That’s because every variety of Healthy Ones ham, turkey breast, chicken breast and roast beef is 97% fat free. We use the finest cuts of meat, cooked in natural juices with no by-products, no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners.

Healthy Ones Turkey

From oven and honey roasted to mesquite and smoked, Healthy Ones Turkey is 97% fat free, tender and sliced only from the breast.
Healthy Ones Ham

Honey roasted or smoked, cooked or Virginia Brand, Healthy Ones ham is 97% fat free and sliced only from juicy, lean pork.

Healthy Ones Variety Packs

Your favorite, 97% fat free Healthy Ones sliced meats in one convenient variety pack!
Healthy Ones Chicken Breast

Oven roasted slowly from the breast for incredible tenderness and flavor that’s also 97% fat free.

Certified by the American Heart Association
All Healthy Ones lunchmeats receive the American Heart Association heart healthy certification. For more information on this prestigious AHA certification, click here.

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